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How can motorcycle passengers stay safe?

Motorcycle riding is an exhilarating yet dangerous experience for both the driver and the passenger. In order to ensure that your ride remains exciting and not frightening, the driver and the passenger of a motorcycle need to understand how to be safe.

Unfortunately, many passengers are not as well-protected as they could be. According to Motorcycle Habit, in order to stay safe on the back of a motorcycle a passenger should be wearing just as much gear as the driver and the passenger should understand how being on a motorcycle is different than being in a regular car.

What should a motorcycle passenger wear?

At absolute minimum, a motorcycle passenger should be wearing a helmet. However, it is best practice for anybody riding a motorcycle to be wearing a helmet, armored jacket, sturdy pants, gloves and boots.

However, for passengers in particular, it is not unusual to see somebody sitting on the back of a motorcycle wearing cut-off jeans and flip-flops. This is extremely dangerous. If you do not have any motorcycle gear of your own as a passenger, you should seek to borrow some from your driver.

What should a motorcycle passenger know?

Riding on the back of a motorcycle is very different than riding as a passenger in a car. For instance, moving around too much as a passenger on a motorcycle can result in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Additionally, motorcycle passengers should know to keep their feet on the pegs of the motorcycle at all times. Motorcycle passengers should also understand how to brace themselves when the motorcycle comes to a stop, otherwise the risk of the passenger’s weight pushing the driver forward is very high.

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