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Are certain color cars safer than others?.

When individuals go to buy a car, they often hone in a paint color that is unique that season. Some buyers focus on which one is going to show dirt or dust the least. Few people make that connection between car color and safety. Research shows that they maybe should though.

Australian scientists researched the connection between car color and safety in 2007. The researchers found that black was the most dangerous color car for you to buy. They also concluded that white was the safest one.

There were many theories that the researchers forwarded as to why white cars appeared to be the safest. They noted that that color vehicle was most apt to stand out when placed in front of a darker background such as nighttime, a forest or a road. Their data also showed that drivers of white vehicles were 12% less likely to have crashes than those who drove black ones.

The Australian researchers’ analysis of crash data also revealed that lime green, orange, pink and yellow vehicles tended to be more highly visible than darker cars. The scientists working on the study noted that each of these vibrant colors contrasted well with most weather or environmental factors such as snow, fog and rain.

Other car colors including silver, beige and cream were given mediocre marks by the researchers. They argued that while vehicles painted these different hues would likely be relatively visible at night, they’d likely blend with the weather or the environment during the day. The researchers feared that gray or silver would blend too easily with the rain and that beige or cream would make it hard for motorists to see buildings or dirt.

Some of the worst colors for a car to be painted were determined to be green, blue, red and black. The researchers noted that each of these is hard to see at night and often blend in with different environmental items.

Many expect motorists to give driving their full attention. Few do this though. There are phones, the radio and other distractions in addition to your automobile color that may result in you becoming involved in a crash here in Sarasota. An attorney may suggest that you file suit in your Florida case if you’ve been hurt due to another motorist not focusing as well as they should have.

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