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Jacksonville man killed in Volusia County truck accident.

It goes without saying that truck accidents in Sarasota often result in significant damage (both in injuries to those involved and property losses). Truck accident victims often require additional compensation on top of what they may receive through auto insurance payouts.

This is especially true in cases where an accident victim dies. They may leave behind families that relied on them for both emotional and financial support. No monetary award can truly compensate for such a loss, yet assistance awarded through legal action can help relieve some of the financial burden that results.

Freeway collision results in fatality

The question then becomes who should provide such assistance. A recent accident in Volusia County demonstrates how complex this question can be. A young man from Jacksonville had pulled over to the side of I-95 to address a hole in one of the tires of his car. Reports say the vehicle had left the road and had its emergency flashers on. However, it was subsequently struck by a passing truck. The truck driver sustained minor injuries in the accident; the young man driving the car, however, died following the collision.

Holding the right party responsible

The legal principle of respondeat superior states that employers are responsible for the actions of their employers when those actions occur within the scope of the employee’s job performance. In the case of truck accidents, liability for an accident may lie with the company that employs the truck driver involved provided that the driver’s actions occurred while acting as its agent (such as during the completion of a route). This added complexity can make seeking compensation for a truck accident that much more difficult. Having the assistance of an experienced attorney during the process may help ease that difficulty.

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