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Strict liability: When are Florida dog owners responsible for bites?

When an individual’s negligent or intentionally harmful behavior injures another, the law may hold him or her liable for the damage done. For instance, a reckless driver who causes an accident may owe damages to those injured due to his or her irresponsible behavior. However, in certain cases, a person may be liable for harm done to another regardless of his or her intention or negligence. The legal term for this type of situation is strict liability. Under strict liability, an individual may be lawfully responsible for damages, even if he or she did not cause the harm knowingly or ...

By |September 15, 2021|personal injury|

Stairway accidents: common causes and injuries

Height and the potential for the body to hit numerous hard surfaces before stopping are the two components of a slip and fall that often result in severe injuries on Florida stairways. Although you may traverse stairs frequently at work and when shopping, one misstep can result in a painful, and potentially, long-term recovery. According to the National Safety Council, falls were the top cause of preventable nonfatal injuries in the U.S. in 2019. Typical stairway accidents Surface defects are among the most common causes of stairway accidents. The issue may be a loose tile, unstable or unsecured carpeting or ...

By |September 2, 2021|Slip-and-fall Accidents|

How can you avoid a dooring accident?

As a cyclist, you depend on passenger vehicles to pay attention and obey the road rules to avoid a dangerous accident. Since cyclists are more vulnerable in an accident, you sometimes have to be proactive to ensure your safety. When it comes to accidents, one of the most common and dangerous types is a dooring accident. According to the Active Transportation Alliance, dooring accidents occur in the door zone, a four-foot area around a parked car. To avoid an accident, there are a few tips cyclists can use. Watch out for vehicles Drivers should be on the lookout for bicyclists, ...

By |August 20, 2021|Car Accidents|

Inattentional blindness may endanger bikers, cyclists and pedestrians

From open interstates to bustling downtown areas, drivers frequently share the road with other types of traffic, including foot traffic. Unfortunately, motorists are often so focused on other auto drivers that they fail to notice smaller vehicles or pedestrians. In some cases, a collision may occur even if the driver was looking in the right direction and the potential hazard was clearly visible. Researchers often call this type of collision a “looked-but-failed-to-see” crash. Recent studies suggest that a major contributor to LBFTS collisions is a psychological phenomenon called inattentional blindness. What is inattentional blindness? Because the human brain can only ...

By |August 16, 2021|Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents|

Recognizing PTSD symptoms after a crash with a big rig

Thousands of big rigs roar across Florida roadways every day, from urban interstates to rural freeways. Their size and speed can make travel conditions treacherous and potentially deadly in a collision. While physical injuries can be catastrophic, emotional damage is often missed or neglected. This can completely derail life goals until you address the issue. According to the American Psychiatric Association, post-traumatic stress disorder may affect people who have witnessed or experienced traumatic events, including natural disasters and devastating automobile accidents. Post-traumatic stress When something terrible or frightening happens, your fight or flight response kicks in and stress hormones flood your body. ...

By |August 5, 2021|Truck Accidents|

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