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Penguin walk to prevent slip and fall.

If you come across a slippery surface that you cannot avoid and must walk over, you can help to prevent falls by learning the proper way to walk on such surfaces. There really is a technique to use that can help you maintain balance and avoid a terrible tumble.

According to Des Moines University, you should take notes from a cold-weather feathered friend, the penguin, to learn how to walk safely on slippery surfaces. Whether you walk on a slippery deck surface after a summer storm or on an icy sidewalk in winter, walking like this tuxedoed bird can keep you from taking a dangerous fall.

The technique

When you think about a penguin and how it walks, you will get the basis for this technique. You should take small steps and keep your body as straight as possible. Also, instead of pointing your feet straight ahead, angle them out slightly, and like the penguin, keep your feet flat.

You also do not want to move too fast. Take it slow and shuffle slightly to stay in contact with the surface. You can extend your arms to the side slightly to help with balance.

Why it works

Walking like this may make you feel funny, but it works because it keeps your center of gravity in the right spot. Your posture enables you to center yourself over your feet, which gives you better control. You also will have more control. If you start to fall, you will be better able to recover and avoid hitting the ground because you are more aware of your body.

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