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Reduce the risk of a truck accident with defensive driving strategies.

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injury for drivers of smaller, lighter vehicles. Knowing how to drive safely around large tractor-trailers and semis can reduce the risk of a serious collision.

Review these defensive driving strategies if you frequently drive on Florida highways that have substantial truck traffic.

Keep your distance

Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and all sides of a truck. Traveling right next to the truck may put you in the driver’s blind spot. Trucks can take almost twice as long to stop as smaller vehicles, so never cut off a truck driver or travel too closely behind. When a truck signals a lane change or turn, make sure to leave the driver enough space to maneuver the large vehicle safely.

Be aware in work zones

Large truck accidents more commonly occur in construction zones. Reduce your speed when traveling in these areas and pay attention to vehicles entering and exiting the highway.

Pass trucks safely

Take care when passing a tractor-trailer to avoid a collision. Never pass a truck traveling up or down a hill, since it can be difficult for the driver to slow or stop on an incline. Pass on the left only when you have plenty of room to do so safely, and signal with plenty of time for the truck driver to realize your intentions.

More than 5,000 buses and large trucks were involved in fatal auto accidents in 2018 alone according to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Protect yourself from catastrophe on Florida roads with these defensive driving strategies.

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