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The left-turn accident is very common on a motorcycle.

Nothing you can do on a motorcycle guarantees that you will avoid an accident. Other drivers have a lot of power over the risks you face on the road. That said, understanding the most common types of motorcycle accidents can make you more aware, and this can keep you safe.

With that in mind, every rider should know that the left-hand accident is one of the most common — and the most dangerous — accidents that riders face. This is a crash where a second vehicle pulls across the motorcyclist’s traffic lane as they turn left in front of them.

Why is it so common?

The biggest reason that these crashes are so common is that motorcycles are small, and drivers often do not see them. When they start to turn left, they believe the road is clear. Sometimes, they don’t see the bike until the moment of impact.

Why is it so dangerous?

All crashes are dangerous due to the low amount of protection you have on a motorcycle. These are especially dangerous, though, because they happen so quickly. The motorcyclist may see the car waiting to turn but know that he or she has the right of way. As such, the biker does not slow down at all; they shouldn’t have to. At the last second, the car turns, and it’s a full-speed collision with the side of the vehicle.

What rights do you have?

This type of accident can easily put you in the hospital. Make sure you know if you have a right to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and much more.

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