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What are the types of slip and fall accidents?.

Slip and fall is a term that can describe a range of different accidents where you lose your footing and fall to the ground. These accidents are all similar in that they occur when you are walking or moving about and suddenly end up falling. They are all equally dangerous and happen to people of all ages.

According to Occupational Health & Safety, slip and fall accidents may cause injuries to various body parts, including the head, arms, legs and back. While many are mild injuries, some may be severe and require intensive medical care and a long time to heal. There are four main types of slip and fall accidents of which you need to be aware.

Slip and fall

The standard type of slip and fall accident, which names the whole group, involves your foot or feet losing traction and slipping on the walking surface. The cause of this type of fall is usually moisture or something that makes the surface slick, such as ice.

Stump and fall

A stump and fall accident occurs when you stumble over something in your path. It might be a physical object, such as the edge of a stair, or it may be an anomaly in the floor surface, such as a folded area of a rug or a broken floor tile.

Trip and fall

As the name suggests a trip and fall is when you catch your foot on something as you walk. Common items include children’s toys and power cords.

Step and fall

A step and fall happen when the height of the surface upon which you are walking changes. It may be a design change, such as a step down that you did not see, or it may be a hazard, such as a hole.

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