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What to do if you are in a motor vehicle accident.

Accidents are scary and unexpected. They are often violent, loud and chaotic. They can cause serious injuries and costly bills.

Whether you are in a collision with a car, truck or motorcycle, there are steps you should take after any motor vehicle collision.

Seek medical attention

Call an ambulance immediately if you, a passenger, or someone in the other vehicle has suffered a severe injury. If your injuries do not require immediate emergency care, seek treatment on your own as soon as safely possible. If your injuries do not become present for a day or two, such as new back pain or persistent headaches, seek medical treatment as soon as you notice symptoms. Treatment is vital for your recovery, and the records of treatment can be helpful for any future claims regarding the accident.

Report the accident

After an accident where there is any damage or injury, regardless of the perceived severity, report the accident to the police. An official police report of an accident includes details about what happened, photos of the vehicles and witness statements. Police reports are helpful as evidence if you choose to file an insurance claim. Police reports are essential evidence if litigation occurs.

Exchange information

If you feel you are safe speaking to the other driver, you should exchange insurance information. You should also make a note of the license plate number of the other vehicle. All of this information will be helpful when filing an insurance claim.

Never admit fault or assign blame at the scene of an accident. Do not discuss injuries or damages. Do not discuss your insurance policy details or limits. Keep your interaction with the other driver as brief and polite as possible.

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