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Where Are You Most Likely To Fall?.

Slipping, tripping and falling are a part of human nature, but in some cases, natural clumsiness and accidents may not be fully to blame for a fall. Poor maintenance and other human error can sometimes be the cause of an injury from a fall, and there are certain places where a fall is more likely to occur.

Being aware of these places may help you avoid an accident and an injury. Where are the most common locations of slips, trips and falls?

Sidewalks And Parking Lots

Asphalt, concrete and pavement need to be properly maintained. Harsh weather conditions and general wear and tear can cause cracks, gaps, holes and uneven ground which all mean safety concerns. Poorly maintained streets, sidewalks and lots are a common location of falls an injuries.

Stairs, Escalators And Elevators

Changes in elevation can also be a more common cause of falls and injuries. Stairs, escalators and elevators also need to be well-maintained to be safe. Worn steps, missing or loose handrails and cracks can all cause a trip or fall while using stairs, escalators and elevators.

Malls And Stores

Stores are another regular location of trips and slips. Unmarked wet floors, spills and other debris are common in malls and grocery stores, which can lead to slips and falls. It’s important for these places to protect their customers and be diligent about cleaning and marking these dangers, but things can often go overlooked, causing injuries and accidents.

Falls and other accidents can be unavoidable, but it’s still important to be vigilant and do your best to protect yourself. However, some types of slips and trips may not be entirely your fault and the injuries resulting may be more serious than a wounded ego.

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