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Who should you speak to following a trucking accident?.

If there’s one thing that you can count on after a motor vehicle accident, it’s that you’ll receive numerous calls from insurance adjusters looking to have you tell them about the events leading up to your crash as well as how you’re feeling in the hours and days following the incident. While they may seem to have your best interest at heart, that’s often not the case. They’re merely trying to determine liability and gain some perspective about how badly hurt you are, so they’ll be ready to deal with you if you sue them in the future.

Knowing the different players and their roles

The influx of calls you receive in the aftermath of your accident can make it hard to keep everyone’s affiliations straight. Your insurance company may not be on your side, and a negligent motorist’s auto carrier definitely won’t be.

Insurance companies aim to keep their costs low. One way they try to do this is by obsessively calling to ask you to describe your injuries and whether they’re healing. They could use your words against you and decline covering your future medical expenses if you’re quick to downplay what ails you.

Deciding who to speak with

You can pick and choose who to speak with once you have a good idea of the different parties involved in handling your claim. You should keep in mind that specific admissions can significantly impact an insurance company’s willingness to pay on a claim, though. You should, therefore, approach any conversations with extreme caution.

How a Florida personal injury attorney can help

If you’re unsure about the impact a specific admission may have on your Sarasota case, then you’ll want first to discuss it with a lawyer. One of the great benefits to aligning yourself with a trucking accidents attorney early on is that insurance adjusters will no longer be able to reach out to you directly once you do this.

They’ll instead have to go through your attorney to follow up on your case, something that will help you preserve your right to damages if you’re indeed entitled to them when it comes time to negotiate a settlement in your Florida legal matter.

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