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Teens and motor vehicle collisions

If you are a teen who recently started driving, or a parent concerned about your child's safety on the road, it is very important to go over statistics on teens and motor vehicle collisions. Teens face a number of risks behind the wheel, such as peer pressure, inexperience and the negligence of others. Sadly, these accidents turn young lives upside down far too often. By going over statistics on traffic accidents involving teens and reviewing risks associated with these accidents, you can reduce the likelihood of such an accident and inform yourself or your child of the dangers on the ...

By |October 29, 2021|Car Accidents|

How can different vehicles safely share the road?

It is every motorist's responsibility to drive safely to reduce the risk of accidents. This is especially true when sharing the road with different types of vehicles, such as bikes, motorcycles, and commercial trucks. While sharing the road is often challenging, obeying traffic laws and using common sense is key to navigating them safely. That is why the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers the following safe driving tips. Bicycles Bicyclists must follow the same rules as other vehicles when sharing the road. However, they are also privy to the same privileges as other vehicles, including having ...

By |October 18, 2021|Injuries, Motorcycle Accidents, personal injury|

What to do if you are in a motor vehicle accident

Accidents are scary and unexpected. They are often violent, loud and chaotic. They can cause serious injuries and costly bills. Whether you are in a collision with a car, truck or motorcycle, there are steps you should take after any motor vehicle collision. Seek medical attention Call an ambulance immediately if you, a passenger, or someone in the other vehicle has suffered a severe injury. If your injuries do not require immediate emergency care, seek treatment on your own as soon as safely possible. If your injuries do not become present for a day or two, such as new back ...

By |October 15, 2021|Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, personal injury|

How do helmets protect you in a crash?

Involvement in a motorcycle crash of any sort can immediately put your head, spine and neck at risk. Of course, given how vital these areas are, it is crucial to protect them from danger to the utmost of your abilities. This is where helmets come in. However, while helmets offer as much protection as they currently can, is that enough in reality? Different levels of protection The National Library of Medicine did a study focusing on how helmets reduce head and brain injuries. These studies reveal several things about helmets, including the fact that improvements to the overall design of ...

By |October 1, 2021|Motorcycle Accidents|

Getting the courage to drive after your accident

Aside from physical injuries and property damage, your car accident may have caused psychological problems including anxiety about driving. Unfortunately, your nerves may prevent you from wanting to get into a vehicle for some time. Knowing some strategies for rebuilding your confidence may help you gradually work up the courage to drive again. Work with a therapist Psychological trauma may trigger a variety of side effects including the following: Insomnia Invasive thoughts Depression Gastrointestinal issues Behavioral disorders Inability to focus One thing you can do to ease your anxiety is to work with a mental health professional. A therapist, for ...

By |September 16, 2021|Car Accidents|

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