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Is your child safe on the school bus?

While school bus injuries rarely occur, accidents do happen when children take this form of transportation to and from school and camp. Pedestrian accidents are also a concern since most incidents happen when children are boarding or exiting the school bus. Learn...

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What safety concerns exist in parking lots?

Poorly lit parking lots pose a significant safety risk, especially at night. When the lights go out, danger looms. Accidents, kidnappings, robberies and murders are all fair game when the owner of a parking lot decides to leave their premises in a poorly maintained...

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What you need to do after an animal bite

Animal bites are quite common. While many of these instances happen at home at the hands of an owner's pet, it's not uncommon for stray animals or someone else's furry friend to instigate such an attack either. Animal bites carry with them many dangers. Bites can...

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Protect your child from playground injury

About 200,000 children younger than 14 visit the emergency room every year after an injury on the playground. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that concussion and traumatic brain injury account for 10% of those incidents. Take these steps to help...

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