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Car Accidents

Do You Understand Your Car Insurance?

For most drivers, car insurance can be an annoying expense after all of the costs of leasing a vehicle and keeping it maintained. If you’re involved in a collision, auto insurance provides a necessary safety net for the cost associated with property damages and...

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Distracted driving can easily become deadly

Avoiding a collision requires that a driver notice a potential hazard, react appropriately and do so soon enough to stop the vehicle. At 55 miles per hour, it only takes a few seconds to travel the length of a football field, and even a momentary distraction may lead...

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Road rage: How to avoid aggressive drivers

Road rage is a major issue for motorists in Florida and across the United States. According to AAA, at least 80% of adult Americans admit that they have felt road rage at some point within the last year. Whether stuck in traffic while on your way to an appointment or...

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